Glaze Combos

Recently I’ve been working on a library for manufactured glaze and glaze combos, appropriately called

I’m aware there’s another library called, where people share their glaze recipes from scratch, and I think they’re really cool. I’ll definitely be a member and contributor on that platform when I mix my own glaze one day. But now, I’m exploring the wonderful world of manufactured standard glazes.

Using manufactured glaze is not easy, though. Despite promising potential of expected behavior / outcome, glaze is still glaze. There are people who are incredibly creative with them, and there are certainly still things to experiment.

The glazecombos site comes from the thought of having an easier way to search for things, by color, by name of specific glaze, by country, by cone, by country, yada yada… I think better ways should exist than the current facebook group searching, which depends on how facebook search result algorithm works.

The platform is now up and running, and I really need to get more data in.