Privacy Policy

When visitors use this site, the site stores the strictly necessary cookie to your browser for the site to operate. No other cookies are stored.

When you place an order, the site collects the necessary information to know where to send your order, and to revisit the order in case you contact me regarding your order. I use a shipment management service ( where the destination of the order will be entered so that I can print the shipping label for the package. That’s the extent of where your data will be used, entirely for shipping fulfillment. Your data will not be shared with any other third parties other than outlined in this paragraph.

Information regarding your method of payment will be used only at the time of order submission for authorization and sent directly to the payment gateway (the site uses Square). Your payment information details are not stored within the site.

When you place an order and opt to subscribe to Pint Sized Potter mailing list, or when you sign up through the form on the site, your email will be kept in my Mailchimp account. Your information will not be shared with any other services.

By placing an order from the site, you agree to this privacy policy.