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Perfect for dipping or salsa bowl, or a ring dish, this bowl has a matte external glaze and a beautiful pooling orange glaze in the inside.

Wheel thrown, then trimmed, then bisque-fired before being glazed. It was finally glaze fired at Cone 10.

Approx dimensions: 3.5″ diameter x 2″ height.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Made In Berkeley, CA

Bisque Cone 06

Glaze Fire Cone 10


  • Aardvark Vanilla


  • Mayco Coral Sands

    Mayco Coral Sands is a premade glaze manufactured by Mayco Colors. It’s meant to be applied to clay body that matures at Cone 6-10. The product number is SW-168. It’s a semi-opaque gloss glaze that displays shades of orange, yellow, and pink. The variation of glaze depends on application. The thicker the application, the more homogenous the color will be. The glaze will break translucent where thinner and pool darker around surface textures. At Cone 10 reduction the color changes to pink/brown. This glaze is relatively stable alone.

Color: Orange

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