Little Red Poppy


A bold though little cup

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This little cup is perfect for espresso or tea. It was gifted to my friend who’s as bold as a red poppy, on her birthday.

It was wheel thrown, trimmed, bisque-d, underglazed with stencil, and then glaze fired.

The cup is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Made In Berkeley, CA

Bisque Cone 05

Glaze Fire Cone 10

Owner MM

Owner Locality Singapore


  • Laguna BMix with Grog Cone 10

    BMix with Grog Cone 10 is manufactured by Laguna Clay and Glaze Company. Line number WC-893. It matures at Cone 10. The color of this clay body after firing is white to grey (reduction), or off white (oxidation), with light speckling. Its texture is lightly coarse. Avg. Water Absorption 1%. Average shrinkage: 10.3%.


  • Amaco Velvet Bright Red

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Colors: Green, Red