A batik vase, my first sgraffito endeavor.

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My first experiment with sgraffito! This hemispherical small vase was covered with slip, which then was “scratched” with tool, following a batik pattern called “Megamendung”, or the clouds. The batik pattern originated from a town called Cirebon. It’s also my mom’s favorite pattern.

The piece was wheel-thrown, trimmed and scratched, bisque-fired, then dipped into studio clear glaze, before being glaze fired.

Approximate dimensions: 3.25″ dia x 2″ height

Made In Berkeley, CA, USA

Bisque Cone 05

Glaze Fire Cone 10

Owner Myself

Owner Locality CA, USA


  • Laguna BMix Cone 10

    BMix Cone 10 is manufactured by Laguna Clay and Glaze Company. Line number is WC-379. It matures at Cone 10. The color of this clay body after firing is white to grey (reduction), or off white (oxidation). Smooth porcelain-like texture. Avg. Water Absorption 1.2%. Average shrinkage 13.0%.

Colors: Blue, White