The Stoneware

Aren’t all ceramics just the same?

Not all clays are the same. Each clay has its own characteristics, like maturing temperature, at which it is fired to become vitrified, or glass-like. Higher temperature maturing ceramics have been known to be more durable and better dinnerwares because they have low water absorbency into the glaze and clay body after firing. Pint Sized Potter uses clays that are fired at Cone 10-11 and their appropriate glazes, reaching about 2350+ degrees Fahrenheit (1287+ degrees Celcius) at final temperature. Ceramics from Pint Sized Potter would be great for functional wares.

Is stoneware the same as Earthenware?

Earthenware is fired at a lower maturing temperature range than stoneware. A side effect is that earthenware has higher water absorbency. For example, the terracota planters you have for plants are earthenware, have an amazing water evaporation rate through the wall, preventing your plants to be waterlogged, but they don’t do well on the dinner table.

What about Porcelain?

Porcelain is a type of ceramics that is considered to have low water absorbency, rather translucent appearance, and are generally white colored. There are mid-fired and high-fired porcelains. Pint Sized Potter haven’t used much porcelain yet but would be open to play with it in the future.