A site revamp

This site has been around for a few months, but in recent days, I’ve been putting a lot more work into it.

I took a lot of pictures of my pieces.

I changed the layout of the homepage and other pages quite a bit.

I put more pieces on the shop.

I put a non-aggressive sign-up for updates form in (hint: homepage and footer).

I even tested ordering and tested whether the payment and shipment label work.

I made sure social sharing works on various popular platforms.

I added my instagram feed to the homepage.

And of course, everything has to look reasonable in various device sizes.

I got reminded again that there are a lot of things that make a website good.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do, it’s pretty satisfying… for now. I’m pretty sure sites are ever-changing things. Now time to catch up wheel throwing at the studio!