Good for Soft-boiled Eggs. Lip for salt/pepper and shell.

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This egg holder is perfect for your soft-boiled egg.  It was wheel thrown, bisque fired, and finished with multiple glazes, then high fired.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Soft-boiled egg tips: Boil the water, then put the egg in the boiling water for 5 minutes, then rinse the egg with cold water. Enjoy immediately with salt and/or pepper to taste.

The last picture is of another egg holder (not included), showing how these egg holders could be used.

Backstory: When I grew up, my mom used to prepare a soft-boiled egg for me (almost) every day. Enjoying the savory runny yolk in the white liquidy egg white is such a sweet memory. If this is not a thing for you yet, hopefully you’d try it. Perhaps you’d start your own savory soft-boiled egg tradition.

Made In Berkeley, CA, USA

Bisque Cone 06

Glaze Fire Cone 10


  • Laguna BMix Cone 10

    BMix Cone 10 is manufactured by Laguna Clay and Glaze Company. Line number is WC-379. It matures at Cone 10. The color of this clay body after firing is white to grey (reduction), or off white (oxidation). Smooth porcelain-like texture. Avg. Water Absorption 1.2%. Average shrinkage 13.0%.

Colors: Orange, Yellow

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