Rabbit Ears Leaves


Beautiful green vase for your shorter-stemmed flowers.

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I had fun working on this vase! It’s bubbly, and it has these rabbit ears-like leaves that I carved when the clay was leather-hard. Then when I glazed it, I carefully put wax on the carving so that the glaze doesn’t cover it and it shows the bare clay body underneath.

The vase was wheel thrown, trimmed, carved, bisque fired, glazed, then glazed fired.

Approx Dimensions: 3.25″ diameter x 4″ height.

Made In Berkeley, CA, US

Bisque Cone 06

Glaze Fire Cone 10


  • Laguna BMix Cone 10

    BMix Cone 10 is manufactured by Laguna Clay and Glaze Company. Line number is WC-379. It matures at Cone 10. The color of this clay body after firing is white to grey (reduction), or off white (oxidation). Smooth porcelain-like texture. Avg. Water Absorption 1.2%. Average shrinkage 13.0%.

Color: Green

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in