Category: Outdoor Studio

  • Outdoor Studio Throwing Premiere

    Today was the first use of the outdoor studio! I connected the wheel to an outlet, wedged my clay to approximately 1 lb balls, and started throwing. I usually throw on a Shimpo Whisper, so the table top wheel took some getting used to! I quickly noticed different things: The table the wheel is on…

  • Setting up the Outdoor Studio

    Why an outdoor studio? I just want to be able to practice more often than the open practice hours my local potters’ studio. But I live in a petit apartment, so indoor studio is not possible, and I do have a shared backyard porch available to me. Luckily here in this part of California we…

  • Making Plasters

    How I made my plasters for the outdoor home pottery studio. 50 lbs of plasters to create several plasters in containers.