Setting up the Outdoor Studio

Why an outdoor studio?

I just want to be able to practice more often than the open practice hours my local potters’ studio. But I live in a petit apartment, so indoor studio is not possible, and I do have a shared backyard porch available to me. Luckily here in this part of California we have milder weather, so things can be relatively safely stored outside. And luckily my partner has been pretty supportive of this.

The outdoor studio has to be pretty weatherproof. Things that cannot be rained on, should not get rained on. A lot of plastic containers have been ordered and set up, a long with some tiles from the local hardware store to make sure I don’t just walk on wet soil all the time.

So here is my set up.

  • A portable / table top Nidec Shimpo Aspire wheel.
  • A used Paragon Artist Kiln for bisque firing (probably cone 06).
  • A huge plano storage to store this, my apron, the kiln, and other things.
  • A stable table about the same height as the plano storage, on top of which the wheel will be used.
  • A few containers to put my tools, and to put my small wedged practice clay balls in.
  • An outdoor table for clay wedging.
  • A few plastic container for plasters. These plasters are made for drying clay and wedging clay. See this post for the making of the plasters.
  • 2 plastic drawers to store pieces.
  • A splatter wall, made of large cardboard box lined with plastic, so that I can contain the mess and can wipe it clean with sponge after use. We don’t want clay dust.