Author: Pint Sized Potter

  • Trying out Kintsugi

    Trying out Kintsugi

    Recently I brought home several pieces from the studio, and unfortunately broke a couple of pieces on my way home. I was really excited about these 2 pieces, so I admittedly rage-ordered a kintsugi repair kit from Amazon. I think real kintsugi uses real gold powder and lacquer (resin from trees), but mine uses epoxy…

  • Kopi Pecah Pour Over Set

    Kopi Pecah Pour Over Set

    Kopi Pecah means broken coffee bean. This set is inspired by a type of batik pattern from Banyuwangi, Java, Indonesia. It symbolizes sacrifice. I thought quite a bit when creating this set. I took the pattern and made it in pink to provide modern and chic touch. I made the top and the bottom pattern…

  • A site revamp

    A site revamp

    Getting to site revamp to make it a better site to browse and shop overall.

  • Mega mendung (clouds)

    Mega mendung (clouds)

    Mega mendung inspired pots are here. What is Mega mendung, you ask? Mega mendung (clouds) is an Indonesian batik pattern from Cirebon, West Java. It also happens to be my mom’s favorite pattern (I think? She mentions it all the time). Once she knows I’m going to make batik patterns on my pots, she got…

  • Glaze Combos

    Glaze Combos

    Recently I’ve been working on a library for manufactured glaze and glaze combos, appropriately called I’m aware there’s another library called, where people share their glaze recipes from scratch, and I think they’re really cool. I’ll definitely be a member and contributor on that platform when I mix my own glaze one day.…

  • Outdoor Studio Throwing Premiere

    Today was the first use of the outdoor studio! I connected the wheel to an outlet, wedged my clay to approximately 1 lb balls, and started throwing. I usually throw on a Shimpo Whisper, so the table top wheel took some getting used to! I quickly noticed different things: The table the wheel is on…

  • Setting up the Outdoor Studio

    Why an outdoor studio? I just want to be able to practice more often than the open practice hours my local potters’ studio. But I live in a petit apartment, so indoor studio is not possible, and I do have a shared backyard porch available to me. Luckily here in this part of California we…

  • Making Plasters

    How I made my plasters for the outdoor home pottery studio. 50 lbs of plasters to create several plasters in containers.